Preperation of individual, business, exempt, and estate taxes in st louis missouri

Martz and Wilson LLP is recognized as a fair and credible representative for complex business and personal tax issues. More importantly, we provide the planning and analysis to help you minimize tax liabilities and have peace of mind. Look to M&W for flexible tax recommendations and timely return preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, fiduciary and tax-exempt organizations. For our high-net-worth individuals, we work on solutions to protect your legacy and provide tax-efficient estate preservation strategies. If you are already retired and concerned about the structure of your estate or amount of taxes you are paying, call us to review your tax situation and discuss options. Other tax services include: • Business continuity and succession tax planning • Estate, trust and gift tax planning • Sales and Use tax consulting • IRS or other taxing authority representation • Tax impact of buying or selling a business or real estate